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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Montserrat is for those who love simple island living..

Our island Villa is located on the Emerald Isle of the Caribbean. This little island is called Montserrat and is home to the active Soufriere Hills Volcano which began erupting in 1995.

During the years of eruptions, the island lost two of its main villages, Plymouth and St. Patrick's. The volcano also claimed the airport, harbor and the best agricultural land the island had to offer. Half of the island is now part of the exclusion zone.The people of the island are in the process of recreating themselves.

From a population of 12,000 before the volcano, the island is now home to around 4,000 people. Those of us who have chosen Montserrat as our home enjoy the simplicity of island life. We don't require a lot of entertainment. Socializing is a favorite past-time, called Limin by the locals. Games of boci, cribbage and ping pong help to pass the time. Swimming and snorkeling in nearby beaches are part of our exercise rituals.

This island is not for everyone. For those who are drawn to it, it becomes a spiritual awakening, allowing us to detach from the stresses of the worlds beyond.

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